Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pieced Plasma Mystery Quilt

  One of my favorite type of patterns is for mystery quilts. I enjoy trying to match up and pick out my fabrics without knowing the final product. It's a real challenge that I enjoy! So, I'd like to offer you all a Mystery Quilt pattern. Every two weeks you will get a new e-mail from J.Lynne with the next steps you need to take to create your Pieced Plasma Quilt. The final quilt makes a good lap sized or crib sized quilt (45 1/2" by 59 1/2"). In the first step you will get detailed information for fabric requirements and suggested colors/styles for the design. The following steps will walk you through the pattern, each step building upon the previous one. This will be an easier quilt for our first mystery and I will be walking us through all of the techniques that are used for this quilt.
   Won't you join me in this mystery? E-mail me for details to purchase this pattern.


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