Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reversible, Wipe-able Bibs

    If your little one is anything like the kids I know, you need a whole arsenal of wipes, towels, and bibs. I'd like to introduce you to the first product in the J.Lynne Littles line, our reversible, wipe-able bibs. 
These bibs come in two different sizes for the baby and toddler in your life. These bibs are completely reversible and feature a wonderful pattern on each side, and maybe most importantly they easily wipe clean. The bibs come with Velcro closure and measure approximately 9" x 13" for the baby bibs and 11" x 15" for the toddler bibs. So as you can see these bibs are generously sized to catch all the dropped carrots, apples, and tomato sauce.
    I am super excited to tell you that a great friend of mine Stephanie will be giving away a set of three of these bibs. You can check out the give away at Stephanie's Mommy Brain  and if you can't wait for the chance to win these bibs you can purchase them from our Etsy store.    


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