Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilt Blocks

    These quilt blocks can be set together or alone to create your own customized quilt, table runner, place mats, and whatever else you can dream up. You can change the color, add sashing or borders, decide on what type of backing and batting you'd like. It's all up to you. Are you interested in a certain block, but you can't quite envision how it would look in a quilt or with different colors? Let me know and I can modify the blocks to show you. Please use the form below to order, or e-mail me with any questions.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Thanks for commenting. The clear vinyl for a pantry shelf is a great idea! Can't wait to see what your project is. :)

J.Lynne said...

Hey Steph! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! You're the very first person to comment! The new project should be up by this weekend. Here's a hint: it's something you're very familiar with and have been using for at least like 7 years.

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